Lucky Strike shares its runtime between an epistolary-like account of a former relationship, told through the various locations in which it took place in New York City, and tangent meditations on love, loneliness, memory and film. Meticulous in every aspect of its conception and strict visual language, it is a stream of consciousness, slow and meditative essayistic film.

The film itself is born from my love for nonfiction essay films, often a deeply personal and autobiographical genre. Films like News From Home by Chantal Akerman, Robinson in Space by Patrick Keiller, and Sherman’s March by Ross McElwee, just to name a few.

Lucky Strike is a culmination of what I have learned throughout my years of schooling, drawn and inspired by some of my favorite films and philosophers. Most importantly, the film is my own intellectually driven attempt at understanding the most pressing questions in my life.

Playing in the Brooklyn Commons on August 24th as part of Rooftop Film's Summer Series. Preceded by live music!